Toolkit Services

Shared Learning Network™

Access to the Shared Learning Network™ is included with your Toolkit license and will assist you in fully realizing the many benefits of the Toolkit!

The Shared Learning Network™ includes

  • Downloadable Toolkit Documents (for customization purposes)
  • Step-by-Step Customization and Implementation Guides
  • Ongoing Updates
  • On-line Coaching and Support (Ask the Toolkit Development Team)
  • Licensed Alberta Seniors’ Living Operators, visit the Shared Learning Network website to access your account.

Toolkit Orientation Sessions

A Toolkit Orientation is highly recommended to help you set your organization up for success. These sessions are an opportunity for leaders and their management teams to get first-hand information about the Toolkit. An INTERACTIONS HR SOLUTIONS trainer will thoroughly explain how best to customize, implement and measure the Toolkit. In addition to the educational aspect of the orientation, you are encouraged to bring your team and work together to create a tailored Implementation Plan specific to your organization. You can benefit from brainstorming with others who are also determining how best to implement the Toolkit.

For more information Contact Us.

On-Site Toolkit Orientation Services

We can come to you! Host on-site Toolkit Orientation sessions with your board or council, management team and staff. The agenda can be tailored specific to your organizational needs.

Toolkit Customization Services

While the Toolkit can be readily customized by your team, we recognize that our assistance can be of great value given our intimate knowledge of the content included in the Toolkit. Our team can work with you to customize the Toolkit specific to your organization. By corresponding via telephone or Internet, we can effectively work together to customize some or all of the documents for you. Similarly, our team can come to you on-site to work with you and your staff. Either option will expedite the implementation of the Toolkit within your organization. Our assistance also provides a further opportunity to receive coaching and valuable insights regarding Toolkit content.

Numerous clients request branding services. This service includes the addition of your organization’s name to the Organizational Enhancement Toolkit™ logo for use on all internal document title pages within the Toolkit. Click here to view a sample.



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