About Us

Roxane Gray, Founder and CEO

At INTERACTIONS HR Solutions Inc., we provide organizations with uniquely customized products and services so that you can implement and independently manage your own organizational and staff development initiatives.

We dedicate our tools to all our clients—past, present and future. Our products and services represent the collective knowledge and experience of our team and each of those individuals and organizations that we are fortunate enough to work with.

The Organizational Enhancement Toolkit™ series is a celebration of our shared learning.


Our Vision for the Workplace

A place where…

  • Leadership sets and communicates clear strategic direction.
  • The structure of the organization supports the strategic direction.
  • Everyone understands what they are accountable for and how their work contributes to organizational success.
  • Processes and workflows are clearly identified and understood.
  • The knowledge, skills and attributes required for each area of accountability are identified and developed.
  • Human resource requirements are aligned with the organization’s strategic direction.
  • Position descriptions are based on areas of accountability and clearly define job expectations.
  • The organization values and supports the development and retention of its employees.
  • Accountability-centered performance management promotes continuous improvements.

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INTERACTIONS HR Solutions seeks to understand what is required for organizational success. We are driven to help people achieve their best and excel in all that they do. Our team is committed to creating high quality processes and tools, which support our learnings and philosophies and achieve maximum results to meet the needs of our clients.

INTERACTIONS HR Solutions compelling vision for the workplace is incorporated in all of our product and service offerings. This vision is the result of working with private, not-for-profit and government organizations over the past 20+ years. As we learned more about the daily and ongoing challenges facing organizations and the great people working within them, we became determined to identify and treat root causes common to most organizations and to ultimately help organizations thrive. Numerous organizations have embraced our vision and have significantly increased efficiency and staff morale. We truly believe that the Organizational Enhancement Toolkit™ series will set your organization up for success!

Social Responsibility

In addition to making a difference within the workplace, Roxane Gray, CEO and President of INTERACTIONS HR Solutions and Just Push Pause Inc., is also deeply committed to community and personal development. Roxane volunteers her expertise raising awareness about work life balance and serves as the spokesperson and founder of the Communities Celebrating Life™ – Suicide Prevention Initiative.



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