About the Toolkit

While every organization has position descriptions, policies and procedures to some extent – the Toolkit provides a comprehensive, consistent and fully aligned system. Accountability is deeply embedded into the organization. Everyone knows and understands what is required to fulfill organizational, departmental and positional accountability. This knowledge eliminates operational overlap and gaps, greatly enhancing organizational efficiency. Clear accountability also significantly increases staff morale as each member of the team knows how they fit into the organization and how their individual efforts contribute to the overall success. The Toolkit enhances decision making, communication and collaboration throughout the organization.

Toolkit benefits can be measured throughout the human resource management continuum, from guiding the recruitment, selection, training and performance management of new hires – to capturing and recognizing the experience and knowhow of veteran employees. The Toolkit helps ensure effective succession planning that will benefit the organization for years to come.

Information in each manual includes:

  • Accountability Frameworks
    Personnel are able to see what their department and position is accountable for and how department and individual performance will be measured.
  • Key Process Steps
    Personnel know and understand the overall workflow required to successfully fulfill each area of accountability and achieve departmental success.
  • Safe Work Procedures
    Personnel can refer to safe work practices and procedures for detailed instructions on how to use required equipment or carry out specific tasks.
  • Hazard Identification and Control
    Personnel know the risks and are reminded to take precautions to protect themselves, their co-workers and the clients they serve.
  • Governance, Operational and Personnel Policies
    Personnel are made aware of the policies governing how work must be carried-out.
  • Position Descriptions
    Personnel have immediate access to accountability-centered position descriptions outlining positional accountability, primary job functions, and required skills/competencies.
  • Health and Safety Program
    In addition to department specific hazard identification and control information within each manual, a Health & Safety program is included with many of our Toolkit editions.

Together, these Toolkit components form a complete operating system and strive to represent a model organization. The Toolkit enables personnel to access everything they need to know about their department and position in one place!

The Toolkit series is a result of an extensive knowledge transfer through countless workshops, interviews and job shadowing with leadership, management and staff, months of research and over 15 years of experience. The content within each Toolkit series is industry specific representing a full understanding of the daily and ongoing work requirements of the given industry (e.g. Seniors’ Living, Municipal Towns and Villages, Victim Services, etc.). As a result of this hard work, The Toolkit reflects both industry and human resources best practices.

INTERACTIONS HR Solutions Inc. has developed a number of industry specific editions of our Toolkit series. If a Toolkit edition specific to your industry is not yet listed, contact us as we may be working on your edition now or in the near future. See our Research and Development section to learn more about how your organization can benefit from partnering with us! For more information, contact us at info@interactionshr.com.

The Organizational Enhancement Toolkit™ Everything you need to successfully govern, manage and operate an accountable organization.



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