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Success Stories

“One of the greatest values of the Organizational Enhancement Toolkit™ - Seniors Housing Edition (Toolkit) for Castor & District Housing Authority is the fact that it aligns completely with the Supportive Living Accommodation Standards. This has made us confident going into inspections and reviews; which could have been very stressful otherwise!”

Sylvia Wold
CAO, Castor & District Housing Authority

Accountability... No longer an elusive possibility™

AccountabilityWorks with the Organizational Enhancement Toolkit™! The Toolkit is comprised of a series of comprehensive accountability-centered operations manuals created to guide the daily activities of each department and key positions within your entire organization.

The Toolkit is not simply a collection of templates – the content is complete! It is a blueprint to operational success. You simply review, validate and/or customize the content specific to your organization. The Toolkit license includes access to downloadable Toolkit files, as well as customization and implementation support services.

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